Ferre… King in making? Crown prince already?

To many that i have brushed ideas, opinion with… Ferre Gola has many stories to tell.

A close friend made me listen to this the entire distance of 45kms… must have been like 10times…repeating and looping the track at every instant of something he wanted to emphasise a point


And he has a maxi single.. of which Porte Monnaie is from…watch this


And perhaps Bequille and if you have your hands on the cd I recommend that you listen to Bue.. am making the deliberate avoidance of Kamasutra.



things weekend…..Bouro Gecoco Ronaldinho Mpela

what an artist..what a performer recall Ndombolo? … what a composer! And yes he does come from a family that has many stories to tell!

He did team up with his brother Alain Mpela Afande on the album Mortel Combat on which the great Alain Makaba played his magical touch…GREAT ALBUM!

Now Gecoco Buoro Mpela Ronaldinho is doing this kind of thing…its Friday…common on…


And what about


And the this one… with Mirage Supersonic


He is even asking “nifanye nini?” which means what do I do

Whatever we opt to do…enjoy the decisions we make… just make them


le Karmapa… la prince de rumba

The first time my Congolese brought me to speed with Karmapa…I must admit I was both shocked, and more of IMPRESSED! He gave the dvd and audio and said if I didn’t like it to take it back to him!


Then I started following Karmapa closely….and I liked the whole thing about this artist


With three albums on his belt and I have privillage tom see some live concerts by him…Amazing stuff. And the fourth one is round the corner i gather

le Karmapa… le Rumbalicious!

comes by all manner of names…better as Wembadio!

he has been around for donkeys years…and just in the same breath, has delivered many great songs……

We take a quick look at his two previous cd, starting with the latest Trait D Union! and we pick the track Prefere….


Moving on to a previous release, we get the song Philosophie ya la Vie from the album Notre Pere……


Am sure he has more of greater stuff… with the many years behind him, and I must commend him for staying in time (like how he dresses and the youthful, healthy look!) we rest assured we are yet to see the entire rumbalicious Papa Wemba!

serge muloso skin sms

really keep wondering why the name SKIN SMS! will make a point to get hold of him and find out…or his close confidant.

While am at that, the music which is our main focus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Vm2zU3jO0Q&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PLED33440E1AFE79B1

honestly, these guys just wont let us rest…actually they make us do whatever we do with divided attention.


He does have another track by name “Mayi”….great piece as well. Cant stop attending to Serge Muloso Skin SMS…  and he seems to have a thing for Eboa Lotin! More than twice they have done this great kind of thing together…..

And as I have featured before on the “Three sodes of Vita Imana” post…he is said to be the one behind the Vita Imana song…… that confirms he means business

Rumbalicious business….

fabregas is just fabulous…rumbalicious!

cant say much.. wont say no more than just to request that you attend to this



Simply rumbalicious!

Fabregas le Metis Noir…Finally

Its finally out..simple as that… here please listen to some of the stuff…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr05kAUtUlg&feature=player_embedded#!


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