from records setting…. to record censoring… to records releases!

Ok….. record setting story is that our Fabregas…..Le Metis Noir has done an amazing 12,000 copies of his debut album Amour Amour…all this happening in the within just 45 days following launch of the album into the market! Quite impressive….they say its not that easy for an artist who has just gone solo to achieve and post that sort of number……FABREGAS merci mingi from Rumbalicious!

Koffi is on the red again…. apparently that there are issues with content and images on the new release album Abracadabra…so he may have to get back to the studios and bring it to agreement with what the regulations stipulate!

And lastly, Rufino Songaliza  has released his premier cd Equation D’Amour….. as below

have a RUMBALICIOUS weekend!

master of reincarnation? Werrason!

Actually he is a master of his own destination..why do I fell so strongly?

from the time our original Wenge Musica 4 x 4 went two ways.Wwenge BCBG (Jb Mpiana, Afande Mpela, Ingeneur Blaise Bula, Titana Al Capone, Aimelia & Alain Prince Makaba, etc )and Wenge Musica (Didier Massela, Adolph, the young Ferre Gola and Werra himself) so we got Titanic and Espirit ya Bien (Force Intervention Rapide) as the first round of albums following the split. Great pieces…. and yes we did get to see new faces on Wenge Musica (Baby Ndombe, Celeo Scram, La Coste, Serge Mabiala, JDT, Flamme Kapaya, Kakol ya Machine, Bill Clinton, Kabose  and Adjani (says he belongs to Wrrra..not of laoyalty)! and Heritier

It never stopped there for Werra….out Adolphe and out Didier…after the always inspiring Solola Bien!….then Maison Mere under Werra took full swing… and Operation Dragon/ Kibuisa Mpimpa and Ala Queu leu Leu and that magnificent concert in Zenith 2000…… Alerte Generale! and in comes an entire new bunch of vocalists….. joining Heritier…. Roi David also checks in as animator (watch that Matadi concert please) and here the guys on Ton Amour from Alerte Generale

And from Temoignage…Loin de toi

From then we have Sous Sol, Temoignage and then the revelation of Mayi ya Sika Temps Present…entre Brigade, Fabregas, Cafe Rum, Miel, and others….and what many say is some kind of petite Fally, Deplick! listen to music, love the dancing, the concerts….. then came the killer Techno Malewa! and Techno Malewa Suite et Fin from which we get la prince de la ville

Clearly…. they come and go…Fabregas is out…somehow Werrason will get his way round this exit as he has done in history and still emerges strong, vibrant!

Werrason..master of reincarnation..Werrason…RUMBALICIOUS!


Ruling the Kenya…seriously!

They call it club hopping…. literally…honestly…my rounds in Nairobi and Mombasa reveal a systematic pattern of who is making heads roll and sway in play time…and it doesnt end there, as the radios are up to the same thing as well! Radio stations that have a rumba feel to their music menu are quite heavy on our FERRE GOLA!

Just to get a few that are standing out ……. on this song takes peeps into the deep of things when ushers in the Makambo Ezali Minene chant…… FINITO!

and from his latest maxi single

Ferre Gola..has surely grown through the years to become the sort of bad president that he is and the we surely shall get great music from him and his team!

Ferre Gola…….Rumbalicious!

Aluta continua…for the Great “System”

Its still a very strong ALL SYSTEMS GO for our admirable Madilu Multi System! Extremely Rumbalicious!

While the years since his unfortunate demise, the music simply becomes increasingly appetizing, refreshing, and emotionally connecting. While on a drive on Friday night along Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa…..staring at some ship work on the ocean…. I was in the warm company of Madilu….. the album CHIFFRE 3 he did it with le commandant Josky Kiambukuta. Great stuff they have on that cd…get your hands on it and you may want to get back to Rumbalicious on how many times you rewound the song Maguy! And if you may as well get hold the album Tenant du Titre… there is Okongo


And so I was glued to Madilu and went ballistic with Maduli Forever! surely surely surely…you get all these on the same track for 21 minutes …Tabu Ley, Mbilia, Manda Chante, Fally Ipupa, etc and the sax is by Verkys Kiamanguana….. FINITO NOW!

Simply saying, as tradition, that while we shall never get any more from Madilu, the spirit lives on and lives on abundantly on RUMBALICIOUS!

from animator to what he’s made of himself!

from Solola Bien

to Tindika Lokito

to koyimbi ko (a la queue leu leu)

The splinter les Marquis de Maison Mere

and then we jump to the new release KULUMBIMBI on which he features the mighty FERRE GOLA on the track Love Moi


interesting kind of stuff from Bill Clinton Macintosh Kalondji on Rumbalicious!



has koffi’s voice…. comes with the bling too!

Each one who listens to this voice..will with high probability claims it is Koffi Olomide “Sarkozy Mopao”!

Clearly, it is not Koffi….and not even a Koffi imposter for that matter! He is Ahmed Jan! As we may have seen and will continue to do so, Ahmed Jan quickly passes as “Mwana Tchatcho” when viewed style wise, voice wise!

For those who reside in the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa and have been keen followers of Amitie Musica…they know the story of Ahmed Jan. He had connections with them during his stay in Mombasa. With two albums under his belt…he does have an inspiring rumba direction and from the way he is delivering his style, there is much more to come.On one of his songs he fuses chakacha with ndombolo! play that song and when chakacha paves way for sebene….heads and ears turn! He is currently entertaining peeps in Kisangani, RDC (DRC).

Ahmed Jan…. simply Rumbalicious!

Rumbalicious stuff from Mombasa

I was fortunate enough to be an invite to the launch of Amities Musica’s “Hero In the Shadow” Album..and YES i attended. Amazing what President Crispe Tambwe did and continues to do with his team……

Must say there is a guitarist by name DAN….great guy on the strings…..was impressed by him.

The Hero In the Shadow is their second album… they since have redone their debut album and is also a great piece of art.

Conversation with Tambwe indicate that they are in studio working on their next album…and form signs its going to be more deadly than deadly…as we anticipate that how about getting back to some music

Clearly some trip to Mombasa isnt bad idea…Chrispin we are coming down for the launch!

Amitie musica…RUMBALICIOUS!

The more the come, the more they are…Watikanya BT BG!

When I started collecting lingala music a couple of years back, I stopped at nothing…and seriously mean nothing! Anything that went on the lingala and rumba beat/ tune had its way stratight in my bag!. So I hand my hands on a cassette by Watikanya. It later on disappeared…in thin air!

So in my reflections, as the subject goes…I stumble on

Will dig deeper form various sources and resources to establish if the unit still exists (together) and what kind of stuff they are doing with themselves. They do sound WENGE sort of…perhaps that BT BG has a story to this effect. We should be in agreement that Wenge Musica was and did inspire many, and so therefore the likelihood of emulation would be high.

back to the link posted and suggested that we attend to… RUMBALICIOUS

Chela Mputu…. interesting voice he has

We should know or otherwise remember this guy…was on Quartier Latin during that span that Fally Ipupa, Jypson Mutukondolo Cardinal, Montana Kamenga were there…we may want to recall Affaire d’ Etat, Danger de Mort and Monde Arabe!

And then they left…. So, this is what Chela Mputu has been up to

his voice is sort of husky… like its getting lost…but hey..that is how it is and he does things RUMBALICIOUS with it!


of great pairings…

when two or more artists get together to execute a song.. great things happen.

Back in the day there used to something that used to go as Lisanga ya Banganga! Franco and Tabu Ley..Nyboma and Pepe Kalle gave us the Moyibi album! and Madilu and Josjy featured great on Chifre 3 many many more albums..hey talk of albums that featured many artists, then the amazing Stino Mubi with the album INVITATION stands outs amongst them…get hold of it please!

Let us sample some great duos: Fally Ipupa and Celeo Scram

Then I shall go with Ferre Gola and Heritier Watanabe

Barbara Kanam and ….

And the Mpela brothers teaming up with Alain Prince Makaba

Shiko Mawatu and Baby Ndombe

Adolphe Domonguez with Koffi Olomide….

just but a few quick ones…. there are great more of such kind that are nice songs…RUMBALICIOUS!

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