Rumbalicious stuff from Mombasa

I was fortunate enough to be an invite to the launch of Amities Musica’s “Hero In the Shadow” Album..and YES i attended. Amazing what President Crispe Tambwe did and continues to do with his team……

Must say there is a guitarist by name DAN….great guy on the strings…..was impressed by him.

The Hero In the Shadow is their second album… they since have redone their debut album and is also a great piece of art.

Conversation with Tambwe indicate that they are in studio working on their next album…and form signs its going to be more deadly than deadly…as we anticipate that how about getting back to some music

Clearly some trip to Mombasa isnt bad idea…Chrispin we are coming down for the launch!

Amitie musica…RUMBALICIOUS!

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    Mar 12, 2012 @ 16:31:30

    Band yetu. Presida Crispe. And the guitarist is Mark Kanko. Werrason wanted to take him too.


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