Aluta continua…for the Great “System”

Its still a very strong ALL SYSTEMS GO for our admirable Madilu Multi System! Extremely Rumbalicious!

While the years since his unfortunate demise, the music simply becomes increasingly appetizing, refreshing, and emotionally connecting. While on a drive on Friday night along Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa…..staring at some ship work on the ocean…. I was in the warm company of Madilu….. the album CHIFFRE 3 he did it with le commandant Josky Kiambukuta. Great stuff they have on that cd…get your hands on it and you may want to get back to Rumbalicious on how many times you rewound the song Maguy! And if you may as well get hold the album Tenant du Titre… there is Okongo


And so I was glued to Madilu and went ballistic with Maduli Forever! surely surely surely…you get all these on the same track for 21 minutes …Tabu Ley, Mbilia, Manda Chante, Fally Ipupa, etc and the sax is by Verkys Kiamanguana….. FINITO NOW!

Simply saying, as tradition, that while we shall never get any more from Madilu, the spirit lives on and lives on abundantly on RUMBALICIOUS!

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