master of reincarnation? Werrason!

Actually he is a master of his own destination..why do I fell so strongly?

from the time our original Wenge Musica 4 x 4 went two ways.Wwenge BCBG (Jb Mpiana, Afande Mpela, Ingeneur Blaise Bula, Titana Al Capone, Aimelia & Alain Prince Makaba, etc )and Wenge Musica (Didier Massela, Adolph, the young Ferre Gola and Werra himself) so we got Titanic and Espirit ya Bien (Force Intervention Rapide) as the first round of albums following the split. Great pieces…. and yes we did get to see new faces on Wenge Musica (Baby Ndombe, Celeo Scram, La Coste, Serge Mabiala, JDT, Flamme Kapaya, Kakol ya Machine, Bill Clinton, Kabose  and Adjani (says he belongs to Wrrra..not of laoyalty)! and Heritier

It never stopped there for Werra….out Adolphe and out Didier…after the always inspiring Solola Bien!….then Maison Mere under Werra took full swing… and Operation Dragon/ Kibuisa Mpimpa and Ala Queu leu Leu and that magnificent concert in Zenith 2000…… Alerte Generale! and in comes an entire new bunch of vocalists….. joining Heritier…. Roi David also checks in as animator (watch that Matadi concert please) and here the guys on Ton Amour from Alerte Generale

And from Temoignage…Loin de toi

From then we have Sous Sol, Temoignage and then the revelation of Mayi ya Sika Temps Present…entre Brigade, Fabregas, Cafe Rum, Miel, and others….and what many say is some kind of petite Fally, Deplick! listen to music, love the dancing, the concerts….. then came the killer Techno Malewa! and Techno Malewa Suite et Fin from which we get la prince de la ville

Clearly…. they come and go…Fabregas is out…somehow Werrason will get his way round this exit as he has done in history and still emerges strong, vibrant!

Werrason..master of reincarnation..Werrason…RUMBALICIOUS!


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  1. rusirevi
    Apr 03, 2013 @ 05:09:00

    werrason will became a greatest singer across the world including the best band and the best singer of the year, the man in southern africa,central african and among other’s this iz the history of young african bcoz werrason recrutier young talent musician across africa. werrason help children in democratic republic of congo and promoter education to young people and other!


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