Why it is easy to be hated…hard to be loved, befriended!

In his book, actually advice to the Prince, Nicolo Machiavelli says so….of love and hate as a leader, public figure or social being. Its hard to please people..to be a darling of many and most.

From the video of the song Madilu Forever, its most clear that the Grand Ninja cracked the love more than the hate. What a yardstick we should consider using and emulating. For sure it will take long, really long before we get to see such a piece put together by many great artists as we see on this piece.
As covered before on the article Aluta Continua, the Grand Ninja was a man of the people. The emotion carried..the weight and strength of message on this dedication is tells the story.

The Grand Ninja…Rumbalician…Rumbalicious!


When the square thinking is crap…. The red pen awaits

My memory takes me to back when in high school..must have been the prime of adolescence or was it the decline of puberty! and the love letter writing was top on the list…

So we would get all manner of phrases from songs..LL Cool J, Gerald Levert, and Boyz to Men, etc. and scribble to the gals..and they respond with fragrance scented missives!
That was then… creative perhaps…sometimes the intent to please and amaze failed to be realised…and the sweetheart would write back…angry and in RED..no wonder the song BIC ROUGE by Lutumba Simaro.

In this informative song from the Salle D’ Attente album, the great poet Simaro says of the painful cane of the red pen..be careful of the things you do…the bic rouge corrects the faults we do at work, relationships, whatever it is we go wrong in and at.
Bic Rouge…Rumbalicious!


I lost two Madilu songs…if you have them name them

By many standards this song, Maguy by Madilu…teaming up with Josky Kiambukuta on the album Chifre 3 is by no doubt among his top 3 songs. You name the rest two.


Never ever dance alone..don’t even imagine!Not a rumba song

Rumbalicians….plain easy it goes that thas a dancing song…if you must head to the dance floor… the simple rules are as follows

1. Not alone

2. Never alone

3. Don’t think of being alone

4. Not with same sex…..

It must be a double…. Rumbalicious does assume that the steps are well, as well as the positioning of hands!

Maggy Waithera…for you for the times and work we did together!

Bopol Mansiamina and Sam Tshintu…Rumbalicious


Why its a waste of time trying to understand Fally Ipupa

Simple things are best kept that way…
1. For starters fally keeps you waiting for his next album for no less than 4 years

2. In that waiting you yearn for it given the collabos he enters into http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX7Q7mlBAj0&feature=related

3. Its hard to say if he is a rumba rumba guy or he belongs to the rumba- lingala hip hop school!

4. He is too smart.. to trendy.. too good….

5. In that 4 years in wait…pick Droit Chemin, or the audio of the Abidjan concert…and everything sounds fresh and new! I wont talk of Arsenal le belles Mellodies… Cadenas? Naufra Ketch?

So just listen to his music and forget about trying to figure out Fally Ipupa and his ways…Rumbalicious says..take him as he is!

Fally Ipupa…more than Rumbalicious


Carte Postale- Youlou Mabiala..an all time great Rumbalicious

To be honest…I actually share the same sentiments as you shall find on the video. Listening to Carte Postale just turns the day into a marvellous one, when it is not.
Similarly, it tends to take me to Titi Nagwala of Milele Fm and I wonder what reasons stop him from playing Carte Postale as his trademark? Hope he will read this!
back to Youlou…hailing from Congo Brazaville..worked with Franco and TOPK Jazz for some time..some say he was a great student of the Grand Maitre.. the choice is yours to concur or otherwise.
Point is you simply never get enough of Youlou…its that straight. It should please you to get hold of Louflakari and then share that experience with us….. right here on Rumbalious.
Prince Youlou Mabiala…Rumbalicious


It never stopped at Bina Na Ngai na Respect….. Ya Ntesa Dalienst!

What a weekend…the rain, the politics, of football matches…. the parties and weddings! Hope no one tried to dance with someone else’s spouse..the Bina na Ngai na respect nazali mwasi ya mutu story! OK.
Ya Ntesa Dalienst made my weekend…..he came back to life just for that. All this being thanks to my great friend Amir Thabit of Maisha Park Nairobi.
The album Belalo et Dangara was prime over the weekend…great stuff from Ya Ntesa….a TPOK great…passed on but left us with smiles as we celebrate his life and times. Each time the song Bina na ngai respect plays….anywhere…in public transport, personal cars, radio…name it…people sing along…hum…in the club seats get some temporary divorce!

Todays video, Belalo is a such an amazing rumba song… you will sing to it… and gracefully dance for sure!

Well Ya Ntesa Dalients is just Rumbalicious!


Interest of the weekend… one that shouldnt be missed= papa Wemba + Madilu

Whatever we choose to do this weekend…its raining on and off in Nairobi….. there are great football matches lined up…and some rumba is playing somewhere near you. If you may..please request for this song….. and enjoy it with your company!

At Rumbalicious we wish you a remarkable weekend…Madilu and Papa Wemba out together the song Plus Cinq..from the album Ya Biso Moko.


Of bad manners.. business cards and receptions! Salle d’ attente Simaro Lutumba

A typical business conversation in its initial stages normally involves an exchange of business cards, phone contacts etc It would generally follow that a phone call will be made, a text message sent….of which either a visit appointment shall be confirmed…assuming the phone call is picked for that matter!

The nature of these things is that, phone calls sometimes never get picked…text messages never get responded to positively..and meetings never get to be scheduled and honoured. Your usual “come to my office on Monday at 9am, I shall be waiting for you so that we can meet and discuss…” has many times turned into such a time wasting opportunity and affair!

It is this sort of manners that Papa Lutumba Simaro laments over in his song Salle D’ Attente. We give business cards to people… when they call us, we dont pick up…we promise meetings and invite poeple to offices…..they wait at the reception yet we either are not in the premises or pretend and create fictitious scenarios that we are  not available and so cant attend to them!

Clearly..this has and continues to bother, sadly ache Lutumba…he therefore is asking and pleading that we desist from these rotten tendencies…. That simple.. and on rumba song.

The bad manners of phone numbers on business cards that never get picked, and never get returned…the bad manners of keeping people at the reception!

Salle d’ Attente…Lutumba Simaro..Rumbalicious!

Red Hot…. rumbalicious Reddy Amisi! ..

Reddy Amisi…from the moment he joined Papa Wemba’s Viva la Musica as a replacement to King Kester Emeneya…great things were set in motion for Reddy!

Pick any of his albums..Injustice, Etoile, Ziggy, Prudence, or the latest from him, Likelemba and you will find a compelling reason to keep the playlist Reddy Amisi!

That easy….. Reddy Amisi…Rumbalicious!


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