It never stopped at Bina Na Ngai na Respect….. Ya Ntesa Dalienst!

What a weekend…the rain, the politics, of football matches…. the parties and weddings! Hope no one tried to dance with someone else’s spouse..the Bina na Ngai na respect nazali mwasi ya mutu story! OK.
Ya Ntesa Dalienst made my weekend…..he came back to life just for that. All this being thanks to my great friend Amir Thabit of Maisha Park Nairobi.
The album Belalo et Dangara was prime over the weekend…great stuff from Ya Ntesa….a TPOK great…passed on but left us with smiles as we celebrate his life and times. Each time the song Bina na ngai respect plays….anywhere…in public transport, personal cars, radio…name it…people sing along…hum…in the club seats get some temporary divorce!

Todays video, Belalo is a such an amazing rumba song… you will sing to it… and gracefully dance for sure!

Well Ya Ntesa Dalients is just Rumbalicious!


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