Why its a waste of time trying to understand Fally Ipupa

Simple things are best kept that way…
1. For starters fally keeps you waiting for his next album for no less than 4 years

2. In that waiting you yearn for it given the collabos he enters into http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX7Q7mlBAj0&feature=related

3. Its hard to say if he is a rumba rumba guy or he belongs to the rumba- lingala hip hop school!

4. He is too smart.. to trendy.. too good….

5. In that 4 years in wait…pick Droit Chemin, or the audio of the Abidjan concert…and everything sounds fresh and new! I wont talk of Arsenal le belles Mellodies… Cadenas? Naufra Ketch?

So just listen to his music and forget about trying to figure out Fally Ipupa and his ways…Rumbalicious says..take him as he is!

Fally Ipupa…more than Rumbalicious


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