Why it is easy to be hated…hard to be loved, befriended!

In his book, actually advice to the Prince, Nicolo Machiavelli says so….of love and hate as a leader, public figure or social being. Its hard to please people..to be a darling of many and most.

From the video of the song Madilu Forever, its most clear that the Grand Ninja cracked the love more than the hate. What a yardstick we should consider using and emulating. For sure it will take long, really long before we get to see such a piece put together by many great artists as we see on this piece.
As covered before on the article Aluta Continua, the Grand Ninja was a man of the people. The emotion carried..the weight and strength of message on this dedication is tells the story.

The Grand Ninja…Rumbalician…Rumbalicious!


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