Why Ndombe Opetum will never go away

1. He played and juggled among the best- Tabu Leys Afrisa International, Franco’s Tout Puissant OK Jazz, his very band Afrisam, and then Bana OK.

2. He has great son who knows what rumba or is it music is: Baby Black Ndombe

3. In Baby Black we get a serious mix of talent, experience and foresight: we do get Wenge Musica (remember that Mama Mabe song?) adding to the fatherly lineage of Ndombe Opetum

4. I have a strong feeling, that Simaro will get very close to Baby Black, and the end result of such mentor ship/ guidance shall be an extremely mature rumba musician (composer and singer)

5. Baby Black knows how to pick people to work with…or if we may, he has known how to place/ position himself for selection (as the video demonstrates where he teams up with Shiko Mawatu and the legendary Malage de Lugendo) and after all if he wasn’t anything considering Werrason, Didier Masela and Adolphe wouldn’t have considered recruiting the young man as part of the team that re- energized Wenge Musica following that titanic split!

6. As the lead of what can be called Clan Ndombe, Baby Black knows there is much expected from him. This being because he more than represents himself but the entire lot of fans who loved his father.

thats how I see this….



Ndombe Opetum Joujours rumbalicious

Its really tough on the world of music, tougher on the rumba world that we have to stand the untimely demise of Ndombe. I cant even wish to imagine what the likes of Papa Lutumba, Tabu Ley, Baby Black Ndombe and family are going through.

The best thing we can ever wish for all of us is that the journey ahead should be one where we celebrate the great things and inspirations that Ndombe brought to us in his voyage while he practised and lived among and with us. And that as he is on his final voyage, we pray that the almighty keeps him in a nice place.

Voyage ya bandundu…. voyage Ndombe!

Ndombe Opetum toujours Rumbalicious!!!!


Why teaching a skill is better than giving 1000 pieces of Gold

Dindo Yogo a great Zaiko Langa Langa great (remember Mokili Exchangez?) gives confidence to strongly have the position that teaching a skill is far much better than giving material wealth.
On his part, Dindo left his son with the exact ropes of trade…Lola Muana is at the band his late dad was at. And from the voice similarity, to the way the song is delivered to us…clearly Zaiko is here to stay!
Is it also written in the bible about teaching a man to fish and not giving the netted fish?
Zaiko Langa Langa..Dindo Yogo..Lola Muana= Rumbalicious


Celebration Ndombe Opetum

Its really really sad to rise up to such sad news… that our great Ndombe has left us
The artist musician Ndombe Opetum (musician of the OK JAZZ) has just left us on a cardiac arrest. This is by works that musicians become immortal. He has played with the biggest music Congo-Zaire-Congo, the author of “Hortense,” to “there Nzela Bandundu and” Elisha “, the virtuoso of OK Jazz and Fire Luambo Makiadi Afrisa International of Tabu Ley Rochereau, died Thursday night at the hospital Kintambo in Kinshasa.



Sibling Rivalry…reversed!

When you have one in Wenge Musica/ Wenge BCBG and the other at Quartier Latin/ Academia then you have the pair team up, the very advantages of sibling rivalry are better realised!

Alain Mpela Afande and Buoro Gecoco Mpela pairing up on the Mortel Combat album.

The great Alain Prince Makaba did the arrangements on the amazing cd…. am not sure there is anything flat or one that dips one can say about the songs on Mortel Combat.

Simply put… Kamul Inter= Rumbalicious! Mortel Combat= Mortel Combat…. Bouro brothers= RUMBALICIOUS!


Your money is yours..so count it from wherever

The weekend carries all manner of things and sorts…. good and great, ugly and disappointing…others just shocking and would be either good or bad depending on how one opts to look at it.

So, a visit to the gents and there goes a man…flipping through his bunch of notes! ..juste a present (wait a minute)…Franco’s song La Vie Des Hommes quickly raced to my mind as I came to terms with my fellow patron!
Franco at some points asks if there is a bank in the toilet from where money is managed….Honestly for various reasons- safety, surity that you are within budget/ range expenditure, etc one may count or distribute money in such places as the toilet. After all its your money! and Thats life… La Vie Des Hommes…great song by a great guy.

La Vie des Hommes…rumbalicious


The grace of the African woman… Meje 30

Honestly speaking Africa is beautiful… has amazing style and glamour!

Or am lying?

Thank you Tshala Muana for the schooling that you have given Meje 30

Rumbalicious African women


The next BIG name in Rumba…Fabregas le Metis Noir

If the début album was record hitting with plus 12,000 copies in 45 days, then the next one is going to be total madness.

History can be on my side on this one….Fally proved so with Droit Chemin…Ferre… the same! This Fabregas guys in his fabulousness shall be the same….Amour Amour as the first from him is just the base of the cake.

He doesnt deserve much apart from just enjoying and appreciating his work…so rumbalicians…do have a fabulous weekend…



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