Your money is count it from wherever

The weekend carries all manner of things and sorts…. good and great, ugly and disappointing…others just shocking and would be either good or bad depending on how one opts to look at it.

So, a visit to the gents and there goes a man…flipping through his bunch of notes! ..juste a present (wait a minute)…Franco’s song La Vie Des Hommes quickly raced to my mind as I came to terms with my fellow patron!
Franco at some points asks if there is a bank in the toilet from where money is managed….Honestly for various reasons- safety, surity that you are within budget/ range expenditure, etc one may count or distribute money in such places as the toilet. After all its your money! and Thats life… La Vie Des Hommes…great song by a great guy.

La Vie des Hommes…rumbalicious


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