Why Ndombe Opetum will never go away

1. He played and juggled among the best- Tabu Leys Afrisa International, Franco’s Tout Puissant OK Jazz, his very band Afrisam, and then Bana OK.

2. He has great son who knows what rumba or is it music is: Baby Black Ndombe

3. In Baby Black we get a serious mix of talent, experience and foresight: we do get Wenge Musica (remember that Mama Mabe song?) adding to the fatherly lineage of Ndombe Opetum

4. I have a strong feeling, that Simaro will get very close to Baby Black, and the end result of such mentor ship/ guidance shall be an extremely mature rumba musician (composer and singer)

5. Baby Black knows how to pick people to work with…or if we may, he has known how to place/ position himself for selection (as the video demonstrates where he teams up with Shiko Mawatu and the legendary Malage de Lugendo) and after all if he wasn’t anything considering Werrason, Didier Masela and Adolphe wouldn’t have considered recruiting the young man as part of the team that re- energized Wenge Musica following that titanic split!

6. As the lead of what can be called Clan Ndombe, Baby Black knows there is much expected from him. This being because he more than represents himself but the entire lot of fans who loved his father.

thats how I see this….



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