Standing Ovation Koffi Olomide

On each album that comes from Mopoa Koffi Olomide Sarkozy Guardiola its is normal to stagnate at a song…listening to it again and again and rewinding for purposes of satisfying that urge to enjoy something on the song!

The blast from the past Orphelinat is one such song… it feels like its new! Everything on the song is fresh…only the release date is of yester times!

On this song, MM sings of the pain he is experiencing following the departure of his wife…. that his house is full of sadness, loneliness…the sort of feeling at an orphanage (orphelinat)!

The video is of the same song, done by to my honest opinion, one of the greatest female artists on this continent, Faya Tess…and perhaps they need to get to the studio and sing this piece together!

MM did it live and someone was…its written all over her face and heart! That smile simple communicates and demonstrates the power in rumba…

Orphelinat… Rumbalicious


The New 1 coming from Werrason- Fleche Dessert India

After Techno Malewa Suite Et Fin………here comes Fleche Desert India!

That’s the name of the album that our Werrason Ngiama Makanda is working on….That name Fleche Dessert India could have something to do with his treatment visit to India following the accident he had.

Guess what Japonnais is since returned to Maison Mere and he knows how to do stuff with the rhythm guitar…( so lets wait and see what the desert arrow india shall pierce as!
See as he emerges he imitates the act of pulling an arrow!…..Fleche Dessert India…….Werrason!


Great rumba maestro still standing

Great rumba maestro still standing

They say wisdom is ushered in with time…the more we live the wiser we become..if we do the rightful things that is.

In this world of rumba, we cant go without paying tribute to great talent. Ans Le Poete Lutumba stands out as one of the amazing guys you simply would never stop listening to…the composition, the arrangement, the message…everything is just rumbalicious!

Now a dvd is released…show Noel and ten clips of the songs Mabele, Kitikuala, Coeur Artificiel, Merci ba pesa na mbua, Faute ya commerçant, Eau bénite, Maya, Ebale ya Zaïre, Bowule and Fifi! Amazing stuff…something you must get you eyes and ears on.


Managing the drop to 16

The weather in Nairobi is at a chilling 15 on the centigrade!

Unless one is a polar bear, that would have a single thing to engage in-, work has to go on.

Among the various things:

1. Drowning in black coffee

2. Heating up using a duvet, room heater, or selecting a pullover over a cardigan!

3. Travelling to a coastal town for reasons other than work and not as the driver!

4. Make the request..a locally common one that “the government intervenes to rescue the situation”

Amazing is that in most cases, some good music that makes you tap away or sway tends to suit all choices you make.

The sort of thing Youlou Mabiala has for us in the video to the song, Coup Fort.

Rumba sometimes is just to right for this kind of sweet 16 weather.

Rumbaliciuosly sorting out the chill in the weather


Rumba word has it that….

As we listen to that great song by one of the greatest female musicians still gracing the face of the African continent, word is that :-

1. Shortly before his untimely, sad demise, Ndombe Opetum was almost through with what would then be his “dernier volonte” titled Tenderness. It shall be released once everything is made to fall in its rightful place. I suspect its such a “tender” thing that the fallen legend left for us.

2. Alain Prince Makaba is in Kin… and was constituting his team. While with Wenge his contribution was well evident…so Alain Prince…all the best!

3. Another guitarist, Japonais Maladi is back at Wenge Maison Mere ( And he is determined to “bring back the maison mere that was maison mere”. Could this mean we stand to witness a return of Flamme Kapaya as well? Anywho… Japanais is the one who played the rhythm on the amazing Feux D’ l’ amour

4. Recent revelations are that Koffi’s Abracadabra DVD is rated as most hot.


The best “erruer” to commit and smile away in jubilation!

Perhaps its normal to not have something to say (or is it write?)!

Am also supposing that the Erreur the lovely Barbara Kanam is singing about has nothing to do with not having something to say or even not knowing how to say whatever it is thay one has to say.

Listening to one song by Barbara is like listening to an entire album of ten songs! Each track comes with its own uniqueness and mysteriously captivating strength..get the album please its called Karibu.

Karibu easily translates to WELCOME…

And so I get convinced this was well intended to welcome us to the world of Barbara Kanam! Commit this erreur and run with it…smiling..just as killingly as she does on the video!

Barbara Kanam= Rumbalicious


Reasons as to a countdown stopping at 10

When you think of great African queens in Rumba…Mbilia Bel authoritatively parades on the front-line.

And anyone Rumbalicious should you be courageous enough to run a countdown on Mbilia Bel…then it easily would stop and keep rotating of the same song!

On my own I got stagnated at La Beaute D’ une Femme ….perhaps I will move either up or down!

What do you think?



When alive the music is good, best when not alive!

Over the last few days there has been an amazingly heightened interest in music done by Ndombe Opetum.

Its not something unique…many times people ask me where they can get songs by Madilu, Dindo Yogo, Apactshino, etc

Then memory served me right that it was the same with the great Michael Jakcson….people who run music shops can attest to this reality.

And over the weekend as I was giving the cds a new display, I stumbled on an album by Madilu and Ndombe…”On Rentre Ok, On Sort Ko!” Has songs that include Baiser ya Judas. Santa, Amour Perdu, keba Na Mofiti, Hommage a Luambo and Chic Choc!

For some weird reason I used to by say to myself, one day I will listen to this cd…that day did come. And perhaps the great thing with late musicians is that the music just becomes sweeter, better after that unfortunate reality of life!

I think life is Rumbalicious!


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