Rumba word has it that….

As we listen to that great song by one of the greatest female musicians still gracing the face of the African continent, word is that :-

1. Shortly before his untimely, sad demise, Ndombe Opetum was almost through with what would then be his “dernier volonte” titled Tenderness. It shall be released once everything is made to fall in its rightful place. I suspect its such a “tender” thing that the fallen legend left for us.

2. Alain Prince Makaba is in Kin… and was constituting his team. While with Wenge his contribution was well evident…so Alain Prince…all the best!

3. Another guitarist, Japonais Maladi is back at Wenge Maison Mere ( And he is determined to “bring back the maison mere that was maison mere”. Could this mean we stand to witness a return of Flamme Kapaya as well? Anywho… Japanais is the one who played the rhythm on the amazing Feux D’ l’ amour

4. Recent revelations are that Koffi’s Abracadabra DVD is rated as most hot.


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