Managing the drop to 16

The weather in Nairobi is at a chilling 15 on the centigrade!

Unless one is a polar bear, that would have a single thing to engage in-, work has to go on.

Among the various things:

1. Drowning in black coffee

2. Heating up using a duvet, room heater, or selecting a pullover over a cardigan!

3. Travelling to a coastal town for reasons other than work and not as the driver!

4. Make the request..a locally common one that “the government intervenes to rescue the situation”

Amazing is that in most cases, some good music that makes you tap away or sway tends to suit all choices you make.

The sort of thing Youlou Mabiala has for us in the video to the song, Coup Fort.

Rumba sometimes is just to right for this kind of sweet 16 weather.

Rumbaliciuosly sorting out the chill in the weather


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