Great rumba maestro still standing

Great rumba maestro still standing

They say wisdom is ushered in with time…the more we live the wiser we become..if we do the rightful things that is.

In this world of rumba, we cant go without paying tribute to great talent. Ans Le Poete Lutumba stands out as one of the amazing guys you simply would never stop listening to…the composition, the arrangement, the message…everything is just rumbalicious!

Now a dvd is released…show Noel and ten clips of the songs Mabele, Kitikuala, Coeur Artificiel, Merci ba pesa na mbua, Faute ya commerçant, Eau bénite, Maya, Ebale ya Zaïre, Bowule and Fifi! Amazing stuff…something you must get you eyes and ears on.


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