Standing Ovation Koffi Olomide

On each album that comes from Mopoa Koffi Olomide Sarkozy Guardiola its is normal to stagnate at a song…listening to it again and again and rewinding for purposes of satisfying that urge to enjoy something on the song!

The blast from the past Orphelinat is one such song… it feels like its new! Everything on the song is fresh…only the release date is of yester times!

On this song, MM sings of the pain he is experiencing following the departure of his wife…. that his house is full of sadness, loneliness…the sort of feeling at an orphanage (orphelinat)!

The video is of the same song, done by to my honest opinion, one of the greatest female artists on this continent, Faya Tess…and perhaps they need to get to the studio and sing this piece together!

MM did it live and someone was…its written all over her face and heart! That smile simple communicates and demonstrates the power in rumba…

Orphelinat… Rumbalicious


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    Jun 27, 2012 @ 15:31:42



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