Great concept…just don’t sell twice

For sure it has occurred many times that you have conceptualized this wonderful idea that you felt would deliver results or be an instant return on investments (ROI) for your client.

So sometimes even without much check…. certain names or brands come to mind…so you settle on two or even more clients that you you like to float this great idea to. Many times, it does occur that the clients or brands tend to be competing ones! The temptation to quickly employ the first come, first get served rule as a rider on the proposal is also common in such scenarios!

Guys in creative services and sales especially in media will confirm that they have acted as perpetrators in the first instance and as victims of this wrath of a mad client or clients that follows as a result of this tendency!

It gets questionable therefore if at first there is a fault….and who is to carry blame when two competitors get into this conflict. Is the trader at fault here? For having made the same garment for two ladies? Does the trader have limitations? Or is the second purchaser at wrong? For purchasing or harbouring similar purchase tendencies as her adversary? Or the first purchaser…for being first at market given certain unfair advantage?

That is the sort of stuff the author of the Faute ya Commercant is all about…the mistake/ fault of the business person…selling the same design to two women who are the best of friends….picture two rivals in the same colors blaming the seller who sold to them both! The song is a blame game..where the first purchaser accuses her rival for purchasing a similar garment she already owns! So purchaser two says it isn’t her fault…she bought from the seller who also happens to the source of purchaser one’s outfit…. faute ya commercant!

It is possible to play safe…..its better anyway to be safe than sorry and have cancellation orders as the case in media! 

Let us enjoy what we do..let’s also enjoy making clients exceedingly happy…..let’s enjoy the rumba!

Faute ya commercant…Rumbalicious!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kalema BM
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 17:30:47

    Rhumba is rhumba…..


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