They were 3 of them… here is one! Papa Noel

They say in the ever wide and deep world of Congolese rumba the kings of the guitar were Doctor Nico, Franco Luambo Luanzo Makiadi and Papa Noel. Three of them like that!

Papa Noel from Congo Brazzaville put together many songs… the likes of Tangawusi, Madiabuana, Bon Samaritain…. the list is endless. And he played alongside Franco in the TP OK Jazz for several years!

All his albums are just too deadly… Bana Congo, Bel Ami, Mosala Makasi, Haute Tension, Allegria, Bon Samaritain and Nono. Each time you listen to the music it sounds fresh…new..very recent and you learn something new about the arrangement and emotion!

Die hard Rumba fanatics have all these in the collection! As someone who loves to get a tasteful feel of what rumba is…then get Bel Ami from which today’s Bebe Dady video is from.

Papa Noel…. Just very Rumbalicious!


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