Rumba shall never cease to be rumbalious!

In the words of a founder Rumbalician “the singers sing..the listeners listen…the dancers dance…the viewers will watch.. we shall have our rumba forever”

Two interesting things…the artists keep giving us nice music and today we feature Joss Diena and his debut album Vitrine that comes as an 11 tracks cd and 7 video dvd.

The title track is Cri du Coeur on which laments on the departure of his love…that whatever language he uses to cry, express, explain to the sweetheart she cannot understand the agony he is experiencing! And yes it features our ever amazing Meje..which also means the experienced hand of Tshala Muana wont go unnoticed.

Joss comes with a training from Felix Wazekwa and recently Koffi Olomide (featured on the song Ikea)…. when you combine that sort of background then you can go wrong with buying and subscribing to this kind of artist!
So we still have rumba for the years to come if this is the sort of production we are going to be having.

Two, this kind of music requires radio playtime and talk- up….. and one guy who stands out strong is Milele FM’s ( Ria Ndzombo! Ria does his rumba session on Saturday evenings and its such an illuminating rumba experience.

Coming from the coastal town of Mombasa where he grew up in a family that was rumba oriented…he wouldn’t have surrounded himself with anything different! He is born and bred as RUMBA! So the official rumba station in Kenya, found the right kind of guy to run its rumba session for the weekend! What you have to do is simple… Make an appointment with Ria…. that’s it!

And to finish of, Maisha Park in Nairobi…yes the place where you definitely find this kind of stuff and much more. Surprisingly the deepest collection of rumba music. Go park your rumba appetite there and the rest shall be stories…whatever you want or imagine of..whether its the “memories are made of this” kind of stuff like Grand Kalle Live in performance, Tabu Ley live 1975! or recent stuff like Vitrine, Abracadabra, Leke Leke!

And so, at Rumbalicious we are sure that rumba is forever! The artists are singing..the dancers dancing..those to watch, have their eyes wide open!

As said by Joss Diena…no matter what language I use.. you wont understand..unless you listen to the music.. watch the videos!

Joss Diena… toujour RUMBALICIOUS!


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  1. bajohnie
    Jul 12, 2012 @ 11:22:35

    rumbalicious will never seize to be rumbalicious.i agree with you that this is the kind of stuff you can only get from the guy. i always make a date with him.keep it up for enlightening us about rumba rumbalicious


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