Wenge Heavy Weight on the slow, easy and nice

A good friend of mine once said to me that there are certain times when you really dont need to say many things, or write numerous paragraphs to get your point/ message across.

I am tempted to have a strong conviction that this song H& M by Adolphe is one such incident and that it may not be a lone and isolated one that we shall encounter as we journey through the wide and deep transverse of rumba.

Music is enjoyed in many ways…dancing… singing…humming…or having it passively as you engage in other things (secondary/ tertiary consumption)…. It still carries you off in more or less equal waves.

This is one such such song that you may experiment with any of the forms above and you can give us your story. Simple title track, ie H& M and a simple enough video of single set, but having everything else in its correct place, format and timing.

Rumbalicious thinks its a great and heavyweight song from a heavyweight Wenge artist….. from the Suspension album.

Adolphe Dominguez TATA= RUMBALICIOUS in tonnnes!


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