The one thing Papa Wemba “perfectly” refuses to do.

Since 1949 when Jules Shungu Wembadio Pene Kikumba was born at a place called Lubefu in the District of Sankuru, RDC, muzee has done absolutely everything a great rumba- lingala world class artist would ever do. Go to any market in the various and varied corners of this globe and you will find there fans of Papa Wemba.

His musical career and discography are just equally out of this. From the days in Zaiko Langa Langa all the way to Viva La Musica, Nouvelle Ecriture….. the music is extremely good…..entertaining and the live performances well planned and played out. Each time you see a new video you ask yourself “whats wrong with Wemba? He doesnt age! He basically just refused to count the number of years he has been around and let them show on him.

Stays young at literally everything…. the passion, the style and manner he picks his thread and shoes…. Clearly it easily follows that his diet is no random kind of eating. No wonder he has held it at top notch for all those years!

From the latest maxi single Trait D’Union is the song Prefere…… great rumba song. From a guy who instead of counting the years of life he accumulates, he has over time devised a successful system of converting them into artistic and musical prowess! He probably confirms that the psyche is the biggest friend one can ever have… if you tell yourself am getting old then so it shall be… if you keep the morale high and up, then the next mile isn’t as long for that matter!

I would love to see many more from Shungu…. generic Rumbalician!


Vita Imana the Nairobi edition… Kita Umana!

Historically each league and so each sport has its key show stopper…. talk of great match- ups! The NBA had the Chicago Bulls of His Airness MJ 23 taking on the LA Lakers of Magic Johnson…. Currently in soccer, the El Classico of Barca up against Real Madrid freezes the entire global soccer fraternity…. Usain Bolt perhaps may run away with it since he does it almost by, and to himself against his own world records! And so Vita Imana is song ideally about a fierce and extremely tense football match between DRC’s TP Mazembe and Bilima. Great soccer out fits… TP Mazembe is still very strong alongside DC Motema Pembe.
Now tomorrow Saturday September 22nd, we have our own Kenyan “El Classico”, or “Super Bawl” kind of equivalent when AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia take on each other at the new look Kasarani stadium. Our very own version of  Vita Imana that’s granted! Its calculated that which ever team victors in this one… not only proceeds to top the league standings, but also stands greater probability of taking the crown. The unfortunate thing with games is that they are measured in terms of scores and time…. not how well or the kind of display a team portrays. So the team that hits the opponents inside net most carries the spoils.
Great is the fact that the colors and well defined……and the sponsors of the teams compliment each other..Sugar for the Leopards and Milk for Gor. Socially they call each other MASHEMEJI (in laws) given the high intermarriage between the two tribal units.. not that the teams are tribal per- se save for historical reasons.

To all fans and fanatics of both teams, get out in your largest of numbers and give the match the attention, respect in deserves…after that lets meet wherever we do for rumba and enjoy!
As Magic Johnson once said just before a deciding NBA finals series the first time the Bulls and the Lakers took on each other “lets just sit back and watch” and Rumbalicious adds as anything and everything can happen.

The Kenyan Vita – Imana….. easily can be said “Kita umana”…. . Vita Imana a great rumba piece no wonder it has been done thrice!

Vita Imana… extremely Rumbalicious!


Josky Kiambukuta le commandant in his magnificent prime

Unless I read wrong, “telepathie” would simple be the transmission of information between living beings without the participation of known sensory channels or known physical interactions.
Then it would worry one nothing when and if certain things took occurrence in a particular way.

This song by the le commandant Josky of Bana OK reminded me of a recent event….. during which a sizeable crowd distinguishable from they way they carried themselves around one would discern that they are from the coastal city of Mombasa.

Good young Ria had informed them of the event and while had the confidence that they would show up for the Milele FM rumba nite. And yes, they did travel all the way.. a good 480kms road distance to attend.
And there was such an encouraging joy, brotherhood, family within the table they occupied… then i said to myself next time all these guys will somehow get a way of knowing when and where the next event shall be… then I remember the “Telepathie” phenomenon and the “Telepathie” rumba song.

The leader of the dream team Danico Mr B, Ones Forte, Josse Congolo Mibeko, Buffalino and Jeffre thanks a lot for committing to the rumba cause. With peeps of your sort then the music shall live forever! And without doubt when the day falls for the event on your backyard, the hosting shall definitely be like Zenith or Olympia!

And to Josky… the best wishes in your recovery to good strong health. This sort of performance by Josky is indeed typical of le commandant when he does his stuff…. as i would say at his magnificent prime!
le Commandant Josky, toujour Rumbalicious!


Full respect to TPOK Jazz, Heritage ya Luambo Franco

MABY…TONTON ZALA SERIEUX is the name of the album on which features these following tracks:-

Maby 08:12
Manisa 08:26
Malaria 08:01
Tonton Zala Serieux 07:07
Mort Vivant 07:20
Osala Erreur 07:57

Honestly speaking, it keeps just getting and growing better and sweeter…just increasingly Rumbalicious!

We like to enjoy the song Mamisa from the album.

To arrive to that rumba sweetness

Proceed to also check out Tshitshi from Lutumba Simaro’s album Shako

The voices of Lokombe Ntal (did the lead vocal on Aminata na Zangi Visa), Ndombe Opetum, Madilu, Josky, Malage de lugendo (of the Testament ya Bowule fame), Aime Kiwakani are in charge.

TPOK Jazz toujour Rumbalicious!

Rumba Holiday! Mokolo Monsantu happens daily

In life, as we live it, with others , its much better to do good than bad. Make as many friends and no enemies. We may want to recall John Locke and his The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number philosophy! It is indeed hard buts as they say on Adidas ‘Impossible is Nothing”!

Each time I see and hear the name Diego Music, without doubt an not leaving that cd or dvd. Techno Malewa? Abracadabra? Serge Muloso even did a song mentioning these and other productions by this great guy Diego Music.

So here again, a fresh one from his stable… “Mokolo Monsantu” from the album Influence by Lassa Lacolyte! Honestly each day and each time you listen to rumba it just becomes some sort of holiday. No matter the situation.. in moments of pleasure, rumba just marries the occasion forever. In tough times of whatever nature of darkness, the same rumba gives you some ease to look at things with a fresh mind. Yes a rejuvenation that enables you forge on to greater heights.

Back to Lassa Lacolyte… simply Rumbalicious!


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