Rumba Holiday! Mokolo Monsantu happens daily

In life, as we live it, with others , its much better to do good than bad. Make as many friends and no enemies. We may want to recall John Locke and his The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number philosophy! It is indeed hard buts as they say on Adidas ‘Impossible is Nothing”!

Each time I see and hear the name Diego Music, without doubt an not leaving that cd or dvd. Techno Malewa? Abracadabra? Serge Muloso even did a song mentioning these and other productions by this great guy Diego Music.

So here again, a fresh one from his stable… “Mokolo Monsantu” from the album Influence by Lassa Lacolyte! Honestly each day and each time you listen to rumba it just becomes some sort of holiday. No matter the situation.. in moments of pleasure, rumba just marries the occasion forever. In tough times of whatever nature of darkness, the same rumba gives you some ease to look at things with a fresh mind. Yes a rejuvenation that enables you forge on to greater heights.

Back to Lassa Lacolyte… simply Rumbalicious!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kalema BM
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 12:17:39

    Mambo mbaya !!


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