Full respect to TPOK Jazz, Heritage ya Luambo Franco

MABY…TONTON ZALA SERIEUX is the name of the album on which features these following tracks:-

Maby 08:12
Manisa 08:26
Malaria 08:01
Tonton Zala Serieux 07:07
Mort Vivant 07:20
Osala Erreur 07:57

Honestly speaking, it keeps just getting and growing better and sweeter…just increasingly Rumbalicious!

We like to enjoy the song Mamisa from the album.

To arrive to that rumba sweetness http://soundcloud.com/rumbalicious/mamisa

Proceed to also check out Tshitshi from Lutumba Simaro’s album Shako http://soundcloud.com/rumbalicious/tshitshi

The voices of Lokombe Ntal (did the lead vocal on Aminata na Zangi Visa), Ndombe Opetum, Madilu, Josky, Malage de lugendo (of the Testament ya Bowule fame), Aime Kiwakani are in charge.

TPOK Jazz toujour Rumbalicious!

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