Vita Imana the Nairobi edition… Kita Umana!

Historically each league and so each sport has its key show stopper…. talk of great match- ups! The NBA had the Chicago Bulls of His Airness MJ 23 taking on the LA Lakers of Magic Johnson…. Currently in soccer, the El Classico of Barca up against Real Madrid freezes the entire global soccer fraternity…. Usain Bolt perhaps may run away with it since he does it almost by, and to himself against his own world records! And so Vita Imana is song ideally about a fierce and extremely tense football match between DRC’s TP Mazembe and Bilima. Great soccer out fits… TP Mazembe is still very strong alongside DC Motema Pembe.
Now tomorrow Saturday September 22nd, we have our own Kenyan “El Classico”, or “Super Bawl” kind of equivalent when AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia take on each other at the new look Kasarani stadium. Our very own version of  Vita Imana that’s granted! Its calculated that which ever team victors in this one… not only proceeds to top the league standings, but also stands greater probability of taking the crown. The unfortunate thing with games is that they are measured in terms of scores and time…. not how well or the kind of display a team portrays. So the team that hits the opponents inside net most carries the spoils.
Great is the fact that the colors and well defined……and the sponsors of the teams compliment each other..Sugar for the Leopards and Milk for Gor. Socially they call each other MASHEMEJI (in laws) given the high intermarriage between the two tribal units.. not that the teams are tribal per- se save for historical reasons.

To all fans and fanatics of both teams, get out in your largest of numbers and give the match the attention, respect in deserves…after that lets meet wherever we do for rumba and enjoy!
As Magic Johnson once said just before a deciding NBA finals series the first time the Bulls and the Lakers took on each other “lets just sit back and watch” and Rumbalicious adds as anything and everything can happen.

The Kenyan Vita – Imana….. easily can be said “Kita umana”…. . Vita Imana a great rumba piece no wonder it has been done thrice!

Vita Imana… extremely Rumbalicious!


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