Rumba mixed grill..Madilu, Tabu Ley, JB Mpiana, Werrason, Manda Chante, Marie Paul…..

Musicians just will never stop making us ask the question “what was he/ she thinking when they put this together?”

When you sing a song and it has a thing from an oldie by Tabu Ley, Nzele by Madilu, a thing from the Pentagon album by Wenge Musica 4x 4, then you pick “Blandine” from Werrason! Then all the way to Manda Chante…then Marie Paul and many other artists and albums…you straight away become torn in between what song or songs to get next and in what manner of sequence we are to stream them…..

The beauty of music, and for that matter RUMBA, is that there is always a way out…KEEP LISTENING TO THAT SAME SONG!

Musheni by Cele Zino! Actually more rumbalicious than rumba.

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