A Supersonic one to Tabu Ley!

When Mirage landed on the scene at Quartier Latin, it was quite clear that some new energy had come at a “supersonic” speed- refer to the Skol Mandaranda DVD- that also marked the entry of Ferre Gola and the return of deep voice Modogo Abarambwa.

So Mirage Supersonic on his second album, Arrete Moi Si Tu Peux… and on the title track Bal Des Nobles takes us from a remix of Copinage of Gen Defao and Mbilia Bel….. then we find ourselves on Tabu Ley!

Thats where you then get stuck and shiffling looking for Tabu Ley songs…. so that you can enjoy the muzee in his prime.

These young guys are up to the task, and to demonstrate so, they respect and what better way than to put the muzees things in modern perspective so that we can know they are moving within the RUMBANESS of RUMBA.

Arrete Moi Si Tu Peux is a great album for the year 2012. If you may, try the song Bad Boy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWRJwPSbdfg&feature=relmfu

Mirage Supersonic is Rumbalicious!

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