Out of Wenge…. match’ing to Paris with an assassins style rumba

When Tutu Callugi burst into the scene animating for Wenge Musica only time would tell what would he would eventually make of himself and career as a musician.

Animators simply excite everyone…… fellow band members, the crowd during live concerts. They put the nail on the whole music thing- simply said. Zenith 2000 was just killing

Tutu Callugi’s participation on Wenge BCBG went beyond just exciting everyone around to actively composing. “Guatanamo” being one of them. Now his debut album is indeed cracking. Despite Paris Match doing its second year in the market, Rumbalicious feels it deserves more attention from rumba music lovers.

The song Paris Match (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9NkyXSDIi4&feature=related) will get you hooked on the rhythm as the song climaxes… the composition, the video performance..simple, captivating and you want to watch, listen to it again and again.

Straight from Wenge BCBG…. Tutu Callugi Rumbalicious Barrack Obama!


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