Can’t cool, cant quench! Fleche Ingeta India.

We have talked about the coming album from Wenge Musica Maison Mere under Werrason’s le Roi del la foret leadership…

Now the promos are falling and we can for sure have a actual feel of what to expect once the bow and arrows snap at each other!

The promos is simply killing…. will you wait or snap?


Cayenne…. Werrason! As we wait for Satelite + 2

Satelite + 2 is Werrason’s Maxi Single…. to be out any time. Sort of a pre- cursor to the full album Fleche Deessert India!

While at that, Techno Malewa Sans Casse was such a success.. some have even claimed that Werra will have to work extra hard to top Techno Malewa Sans Casse.

Perhaps now that Japonnias Maladi is back, it would make it closer to easier to match Techno Malewa Sans Casse. And aslo with the ever amazing Papy Kakol doing “Ticket ya pamba te” (follow link)

then its worth the wait!

Cathy Cayenne is such a great person… I mean to have ALL musicians singing of and about you. So as the artists celebrate Cathy Cayenne, with the same breath we wait for Fleche Dessert India.

Werrason.. Wenge MMM= Rumbalicious!


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