Animators make great musicians? The Bill Clinton case

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History can favor some things while on the reverse completely negate them. One time we had a heated debate about this line we use many times that “history repeats itself”.

On one part, we said that’s not the case… that what happens is that “events of similar nature happen successively in time”. meaning that the elements of time and circumstance acting separately or in combination, don’t allow for history to repeat itself. To visualize this, we went on to have it that if you went to the Nile river in Jan of 2012 and stepped in the water, then you went to the same place on this river again in Jan 2013 and did what you did, shall you have stepped in the same water?

However way we look at it, animators are increasingly demonstrating that their common background seems or tends to give them an edge in being great entertainers, performers and composers.

I will name three. With the first being Celeo Scram– whom we have featured twice before on Rumbalicious. The most recent being his Yes We Can album where we said the song Amour ya Dalila is a must watch and have… and can be counted as among the top 3 videos of last year.

Two is another Wenge BCBG great, an animator heavyweight- Tutu Calludji. Again we have talked of his song Amour Assasin.

So the third case would be a team mate of Celeo- Bill Clinton Macintosh Kalondji. This guy can do amazing stuff…from dancing to singing to composing… just like the other two earlier mentioned.

Having noted that history repeats itself, can repeat itself, and having noted that events of similar nature take place in time, it is considered that parting with this link it good for today and the conversation

Bill Clinton Kalondji is Rumbalicious.


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