Your one and a half lady

I think advertising and media are great things to get entangled in. Perhaps its because they are what I do for a living.

Aspects of the creativity, originality, relevance and passion interplay while executing brand and client briefs, and in the end things just get turned in circles of success.

It is no surprise then, that over the years, I have come to agree that emotions can never get ruled out in these executions….. when you touch the emotions (feel the pulse) of your target audience, they respond positively to the stimuli snared at them.

Fresh as it is, we had a detergent brief…..targeting women of course. We know the many things that our ladies go through while doing laundry… they get tired, hands get messed, backaches among many other crazy things. So we said let us get the men to appreciate them…to do so by having the men say of those nice, very seductive things about their ladies… those things that make the lady stand out as a one and a half lady!

So as they say, radio is the theater of the mind…. I started building mental pictures of the women i know…starting with my very own of course… and I was seeing her in her gracefulness of the African kitenge… and the music started playing in the background.

Then I raced through rumba ladies and here I am… Faya Tess. Sings really well, voice oscillates between hoarse and soft… and sway dances gracefully.

As am watching this Boya Ngai video, i can imagine the listener participation texts, emails, tweets, posts and comments on Facebook and the live call inns stories they have about their one and half lady!

If you have one…dance this song with her….if you don’t… keep reading Rumbalicious.


Hating the ordinary

Back then the great global ad agency, DDB had “Enemies of the ordinary” as it’s slogan.

At first it looked strange to me and to most people since by nature humans will cling more to things familiar, things we are used to. The two year period I was with DDB, my maiden employment, did expose me to better understand many things in life- leave alone advertising-  the creativity and passion involvement, and media as a whole.

For real, at DDB we thought different, we behaved different and always had a knack of choosing to look on the other side where most people were not taking focus (the opposite direction)- which was then the philosophy of “enemies of the ordinary”. And most times I keep reminding myself by asking the three questions- we can do this? what if we do it this way? how do we marry these two ways?

The truth of the matter is that, when and if you opt to do the usual stuff in the ordinary manner, as a supplier of services of products then you not only expand the category of players but also in the process lessen your chances/ opportunities of being seeing, and of being considered. The better way of achieving much then is by being different, acting different and ideally having some distinctiveness = Standing out from the crowd ” be different, be unique”.

While at this, most clubs and even radio stations around will simply give you the usual narrative music wise…. same songs through and through, same artists all the way, and same sequence of the playlist 24/7. Its because of the nature of familiarity. And worse of cut and paste… where we argue if X did this and they succeeded then, we can do X and equally achieve same result.

Common good people….. Is there anyone out there doing Rumbalicious Montana Kamenga?

be different….. hate the usual things.


A consortium of weddings songs

One song once advised that its a good thing to have a friend, and its an even greater thing to indeed find a friend!

In Sociology they talk of friend being and making us be who we are, what we are since friends/ the social sphere we engage in had a direct influence on our individual behavior (the looking glass self)

While considering this, the consortium of rumba songs is indeed about a wedding… a marriage, YES a love story that ends in exchange of vows. And Koffi Olomide chanted of this, Werrason chanted of it (Libala), JB Mpiana did the same, Fally Ipupa did so as well and then, our feature song Amour Ilimite Marriage by Ferre Gola.

They are singing for a member of the the Congo Brazzaville presidential who was having a wedding.. and they did find something to sing about. Am  sure we have heard of the numerous mentions of Denis Sassou-Nguesso, mama Antoinette Tchibota, Claudia Sassou Ikia (does JB Mpiana’s song Etoile du berger sound familiar?  that’s the thing we are experiencing on these songs.

You have friends, people you like, peeps you strike a connection with..and there we go we sing about them and things happening in their lives.

That’s how it is..simple like that= a consortium of rumba songs for a wedding!





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