A consortium of weddings songs

One song once advised that its a good thing to have a friend, and its an even greater thing to indeed find a friend!

In Sociology they talk of friend being and making us be who we are, what we are since friends/ the social sphere we engage in had a direct influence on our individual behavior (the looking glass self)

While considering this, the consortium of rumba songs is indeed about a wedding… a marriage, YES a love story that ends in exchange of vows. And Koffi Olomide chanted of this, Werrason chanted of it (Libala), JB Mpiana did the same, Fally Ipupa did so as well and then, our feature song Amour Ilimite Marriage by Ferre Gola.

They are singing for a member of the the Congo Brazzaville presidential who was having a wedding.. and they did find something to sing about. Am  sure we have heard of the numerous mentions of Denis Sassou-Nguesso, mama Antoinette Tchibota, Claudia Sassou Ikia (does JB Mpiana’s song Etoile du berger sound familiar? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_-OqNft52s)  that’s the thing we are experiencing on these songs.

You have friends, people you like, peeps you strike a connection with..and there we go we sing about them and things happening in their lives.

That’s how it is..simple like that= a consortium of rumba songs for a wedding!





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