Your one and a half lady

I think advertising and media are great things to get entangled in. Perhaps its because they are what I do for a living.

Aspects of the creativity, originality, relevance and passion interplay while executing brand and client briefs, and in the end things just get turned in circles of success.

It is no surprise then, that over the years, I have come to agree that emotions can never get ruled out in these executions….. when you touch the emotions (feel the pulse) of your target audience, they respond positively to the stimuli snared at them.

Fresh as it is, we had a detergent brief…..targeting women of course. We know the many things that our ladies go through while doing laundry… they get tired, hands get messed, backaches among many other crazy things. So we said let us get the men to appreciate them…to do so by having the men say of those nice, very seductive things about their ladies… those things that make the lady stand out as a one and a half lady!

So as they say, radio is the theater of the mind…. I started building mental pictures of the women i know…starting with my very own of course… and I was seeing her in her gracefulness of the African kitenge… and the music started playing in the background.

Then I raced through rumba ladies and here I am… Faya Tess. Sings really well, voice oscillates between hoarse and soft… and sway dances gracefully.

As am watching this Boya Ngai video, i can imagine the listener participation texts, emails, tweets, posts and comments on Facebook and the live call inns stories they have about their one and half lady!

If you have one…dance this song with her….if you don’t… keep reading Rumbalicious.


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