Is Awilo Longamba’s music noisy? Nah nah


Soothing voice of rumba


Boast not, better to mentor instead

An early rumba musician from the DRC once talked of their country not being one where one can boasts that he or she is the one who has the best prowess in doing a particular thing when it comes to music.

So if they do not boast, they can only be proud of what they do..and then it easily leads to say that there must be having many…lots of teachers and mentors over there.

So who taught all these young guys at Lacoste’s?

Must be a proud teacher Rumbalicious say!


Nice slow and easy rumba weekend….. the Tony Amrosio tempo


The Freshness of Rumba

An old pal recently said to me that if you had 1,500 cds of rumba music, it would very likely take you an entire months before playing a song twice on a 24 hour shift radio station. This being based on assumption that your average rumba song lasts 8 minutes…… then factoring in the placements of station IDs, advertising and talk space.

So am thinking why not some Tony Ambrosio for now?


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