Picky picky ponky… rumba style

Remember when we were little children and had to make a decision on who will go first at a certain drill, task or game? Like when playing hide and seek…. most of our lot never wanted to be the first one having to count till hundred as the rest go hiding.

So to get to the person to be the first seeker went through some process of selection. My memory goes back to 1. hicks hecks and….. 2. i draw a snake upon your back, which finger did i use…. and then, 3. picky picky ponky, father had a donkey, donkey died, father cried, picky picky ponky.

If the song got to an end on you….. you count or you get saved! So, Grand Pere Bozi Boziana has his new album titled “Fiko Fiko Fio”. A great album put together that features Meje30.

The Congolese way of doing Picky picky ponky is “Fiko fiko Fio”

What a nice way of doing things….. by taking us back in time? They have a word for this emotion “Nostalgia”

If there is rumba you should be listening to right now is Fiko fiko fio…. Just pick it from the shelf if your eyes fall on it….. no Guesswork on this one.

Grand Pere Bozi Boziana… toujour Rumbalicious


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