Moving into great spaces- Gaylord and Deplick

They say molecules move form places of high concentration to those of less concentration. And that therefore but not necessarily related hot air rises!

So who is moved here? And what is this hot rising all about?

Lets start with the featuring one on this one- Deplick. Burt on the scene on Werrason’s Wenge Musica Maison Mere “Mayi ya Sika album” .. in case you missed it and the rest was a long chain of impressive performances.

Whether its good or bad, he since moved out of Maison Mere… For “space reasons”.. simply put, there are “many voices” on the Maison Mere. So if one is looking for as much appearances then the better way is to opt out. Think it happens even in professional soccer. some people like to be on a great teams bench… others just like and want to play.

So there he walks…. and on his journey… he isn’t alone. Gaylord D’Or Diam… doesn’t sound familiar… But has been a serious bubble in this circles. Could he be the one behind this song “Eputsha” on Koffi Olomide’s “Monde Arabe” album?

There are guys who participate from “behind the curtains”. They rarely get seen, heard, noticed… He is one example. Word is that has in the past and provides songs to a number of guys..some names circulating being Fabregas and Heritier Watanabe. So there we go… two guys with interesting backgrounds, the voices  ? doing our video “Sans Microbe” What else would a rumba enthusiast be looking for especially on a long weekend like this one?

Sans Microbe= Rumbalicious!


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