Cappuccino for this sort of weather!

Some theorists once talked of climatic trimmerism…. as a way of understanding behaviour and development. So, if you live in relatively cold areas you become innovative as a survival necessity…… and vice versa for lets just say tropical areas. Interesting….

Its cold in Nairobi… 16 on the centigrade…. so if you have a rumba craving, grab some Cappuccino.


Moving into great spaces- Gaylord and Deplick

They say molecules move form places of high concentration to those of less concentration. And that therefore but not necessarily related hot air rises!

So who is moved here? And what is this hot rising all about?

Lets start with the featuring one on this one- Deplick. Burt on the scene on Werrason’s Wenge Musica Maison Mere “Mayi ya Sika album” .. in case you missed it and the rest was a long chain of impressive performances.

Whether its good or bad, he since moved out of Maison Mere… For “space reasons”.. simply put, there are “many voices” on the Maison Mere. So if one is looking for as much appearances then the better way is to opt out. Think it happens even in professional soccer. some people like to be on a great teams bench… others just like and want to play.

So there he walks…. and on his journey… he isn’t alone. Gaylord D’Or Diam… doesn’t sound familiar… But has been a serious bubble in this circles. Could he be the one behind this song “Eputsha” on Koffi Olomide’s “Monde Arabe” album?

There are guys who participate from “behind the curtains”. They rarely get seen, heard, noticed… He is one example. Word is that has in the past and provides songs to a number of guys..some names circulating being Fabregas and Heritier Watanabe. So there we go… two guys with interesting backgrounds, the voices  ? doing our video “Sans Microbe” What else would a rumba enthusiast be looking for especially on a long weekend like this one?

Sans Microbe= Rumbalicious!


Getting twisted by Sarah Fiona

Sarah Fiona is building her own castle in the Congolese rumba world. Which is good when we have a wide array of both male and female artists gracing the landscape.

So no getting stuck with the old more established names… Lets keep it simple and easy like that.

As my main guy @emmanuellemwashumbe says “kwani iko nini” on rumba attention


What happens just in case Zouk gets next to Rumba….


Picky picky ponky… rumba style

Remember when we were little children and had to make a decision on who will go first at a certain drill, task or game? Like when playing hide and seek…. most of our lot never wanted to be the first one having to count till hundred as the rest go hiding.

So to get to the person to be the first seeker went through some process of selection. My memory goes back to 1. hicks hecks and….. 2. i draw a snake upon your back, which finger did i use…. and then, 3. picky picky ponky, father had a donkey, donkey died, father cried, picky picky ponky.

If the song got to an end on you….. you count or you get saved! So, Grand Pere Bozi Boziana has his new album titled “Fiko Fiko Fio”. A great album put together that features Meje30.

The Congolese way of doing Picky picky ponky is “Fiko fiko Fio”

What a nice way of doing things….. by taking us back in time? They have a word for this emotion “Nostalgia”

If there is rumba you should be listening to right now is Fiko fiko fio…. Just pick it from the shelf if your eyes fall on it….. no Guesswork on this one.

Grand Pere Bozi Boziana… toujour Rumbalicious


Rumba Monument: Tabu Ley Seigneur Rochereau

One philosopher once opined that “birth means death” Does make sense when it comes to dealing with appreciating when it comes the various ways we handle and deal with the demise of one of us.

We sob, get angry, confused and low on most things on one part. On the other part we hold chins up, courage up, pick up the good and great things and CELEBRATE the life of the departed one.

I would suppose the second mode of accommodating death sits and fits perfectly well as we “monumentalize” Tabu Ley!


Fabregas Formule to score

Is the next big name in rumba? Does he seem to have the formula to get there? Next question is is already a name to go with? Is Fabregas on the right track?


Hail the prince… Long Live the prince!


Matching towards being the album of the year


On the seat of marriage with mayonnaise

After test driving the Audi A4 me thinks the beauty of driving is in the following kind of understanding:-

Daimler Benz- the joy is in being chauffeured

BMW- feel the ultimate driving experience by driving it yourself! Ever seen anyone back left by the way?

AUDI- listen to Ferre Gola’s Kiti ya Libala the you will know what kind of ride Rumbalicious is salivating over.

And thanks to Nyosh for the German connection….as you celebrate your birthday today.. some Ferre hapana mbaya!

Ferre Gola= Rumbalicious


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