Hail the prince… Long Live the prince!


Matching towards being the album of the year


On the seat of marriage with mayonnaise

After test driving the Audi A4 me thinks the beauty of driving is in the following kind of understanding:-

Daimler Benz- the joy is in being chauffeured

BMW- feel the ultimate driving experience by driving it yourself! Ever seen anyone back left by the way?

AUDI- listen to Ferre Gola’s Kiti ya Libala the you will know what kind of ride Rumbalicious is salivating over.

And thanks to Nyosh for the German connection….as you celebrate your birthday today.. some Ferre hapana mbaya!

Ferre Gola= Rumbalicious


Boulevard In Ferre Gola’s Black Box

The Boite Noire album is released…. double cd. This happening when temperatures between Ferre and Werrason not being very uncomfortable and hostile.

Words have been exchanged between band members form both parties and statements followed from rumba and lingala spectators.

If this affects the perfomance of Boite Noire… we don’t know. For sure it shall be unpleasant, ugly bad for the younger Ferre and his troop.

A quick settlement therefore is good for the genre. Meanwhile lets enjoy being on the boulevard.


What rumba also turns out to be

Simple like that… That’s what rumba happens to be!


On the teachings of Mopoa Mokonzi Koffi

Cindy fist solo album…featuring the master himself Koffi Olomide Mopoa Mokonzi!

When it comes to video production… bet me right Koffi just has the more than magic touch.

A maxi single of seven songs- Kupe, If you Like it, Elixir (our featured video) Libebe, Molounge, Homilie and Restless.

Cindy! Cindy!


Koffi Olomide tempo for rumbafull weekend


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